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    8 April 2019

    Great News! Parents, who are worried about where their kids go after school or at night, now have a solution available for them. Whozhere is a Realtime GPS tracker that can track the phone GPS activity of your Teen and can show you the live location. You simply need to install the Whozhere app in your kids phone and in your own phone. Once installed, it will start showing you the GPS details instantly making it the best Realtime GPS tracker.

    With the advancement of technology and last features in the new smart phones we can now find what our loved ones are doing outside just with a click on your smart phone. The multi functional apps like Whozhere make it more convenient and fun to use. The realtime GPS tracker in the whozhere starts providing you the live GPS location of your kids or loved one’s smart phone. This is how you can track if they are not going to a danger area and if in case they are then you can alert them by calling at their number or sending a text message all through the whozhere App.

    The dedicated team of Whozhere has designed this app in such a way that every necessary feature like emergency calling or SMS is a just a click away. Also the Realtime GPS tracker helps you see the exact location where your kids are. You can also find a friend near that location and can ask for help if required. Whozhere is the most affordable and fun to use Realtime GPS tracker for your Smart phones.

    Why you need to Whozhere as a realtime GPS tracker?
    This is a most common question that comes to your mind when you heard about the whozhere and we have very logical and true answers to that.
    1:- Whozhere is most user-friendly and feature full app. You may access the target device GPS data remotely from your cell phone.
    2:- Whozhere is compatible with Android version from 4 to latest 9.
    3:- No need to reinstall in case of software upgrade.
    4:- No need to Root the Android phone.
    All these qualities make whozhere the best realtime GPS tracker available in the market.

    So just click this link to buy the most affordable realtime GPS tracker for your family and loved ones and start tracking their phone GPS realtime location.

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