• Monitor Samsung Galaxy fold

    Monitor Samsung Galaxy Fold

    19 April 2019

    Technology has gone so deep in our lives that we cannot ignore it even if we want to. Latest gadgets, Smartphones, smart watches, and smart bands are common in our lives and making our living even smarter. Many big companies have already dived into this sea of technology and are providing us with high tech devices to use. Samsung is one of them. Samsung is a giant in this tech world, providing almost every gadget that we use in our daily lives, and the last presentation of this tech leader is Samsung Galaxy Fold smart phone.

    Samsung fold is a beautiful folding smartphone. It is loaded with a 7.3-inch AMOLED display which would take Gaming, watching videos and reading online books onto an absolutely next level. This particular thick smartphone has a paper display to which you can fold or open according to your preference. No doubts your kids, Girlfriend or wife would ask for this eye catchy device and here you have a great chance to monitor their activities using Whozhere which can monitor Samsung Galaxy fold device very easily.

    Whozhere is the best GPS location monitor and is fully compatible with the latest upcoming smartphones no doubts it is ready to monitor the Samsung Galaxy fold smartphone as well. You can buy the Samsung fold device and install Whozhere into it. Gift that smart phone to the person whose activities you want to monitor and ‘taaadaaaa’ you are ready to go.

    Whozhere will start monitoring the GPS details of Samsung fold device instantly and will start displaying the data on your screen. You can monitor the Samsung galaxy fold device with just a click and all the details along with the nearby friends will start showing on your smartphone. To monitor the Samsung galaxy fold smartphone you need to install the Whozhere in the Galaxy fold device and in your own device.

    Once installed, just open the app in your phone and you will see the Samsung galaxy fold device location is showing on your screen. Whozhere is ready to adopt the latest technology even before its launch that is how it is not ready to monitor Samsung galaxy fold device once it is officially launching on 26th April 2019.

    So why wait? Visit our website and buy the app to monitor the Samsung Galaxy fold smartphone.

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