• Can I Remotely Monitor Cell Phone Location

    6 April 2019

    Want to know how you can monitor cell phone location? We have been answering this question all the time, so you don’t have to worry about it. You are at the right place. Here you are going to get the right way to monitor location of any cell phone.

    These days security of kids and teen is the top most things after reviewing the crime and kidnapping ration in almost every country. So to make your kids and teen safe, we have come up with this great location monitoring app Whozhere.
    This is the app which can give you the exact location of the cell phone. You just need to have the app and the other person should also have the Whozhere app in his/her phone.

    Parental Control App

    This app works as a parental control app when ever your kids or teens are out the parents can easily monitor their location and stay stress-free. You just need to install the app in your kids and teens phone and you are done. The trusted contact option is the way to monitor the live location. You need to send a request on your teens or kids phone in the app and then your kids or teens will accept it and that’s how you will be able to tract their live location.

    Easy to Use

    This latest app for android is very easy to use and can simply be handles by parents. Now you don’t need to stress or get tensed when your teen or kids are not at home. Just install this app in their phone and monitor their all day location.

    Safety device

    Not only kids or teens but every individual who is having this app in their phone can feel attached with family and friends all the time. You just need to ask your phone contacts to install the App and you can contact them through app whenever you need a help. Now you must be thinking that can be done with simple phone as well. But, you cannot find out if they are near you from simple smart phone. You need to have this Application for that. This app will tell you which of your phone contacts are near you and whenever you are stuck at any place and need help you

    can just open the nearby option in the app and can find which of your contact is near you and directly message them from the app. So, this app is a savoir for parents who are looking for an app which can make them monitor their kids or teens location as well as can help you to find a help whenever you are stuck in a situation and nobody is with you. So buy now this app and for any query you can get in touch with us at

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